Faces Of The Homeless

I feel exhausted today, like I’d just given birth to another child.  And in a sense, I have!  This “baby” — the compassion for the homeless from a source much bigger than myself– has been growing in my heart for a very long time, ever since I was a little girl.

I hope you will take a look at this new blog (if you haven’t already done so).   It’s called Faces of the Homeless, and its purpose is to acquaint the readers with homelessness, in particular the homeless people. I hope to change the public perception of the homeless people from one which sees them as a social problem for the government to solve, to seeing them as individuals just like you and me, with a need for respect, friendship, and encouragement. For more details on how this project got started, go to http://facesofthehomeless.org and click on “How This Blog Got Started” to read about my recent experience in Nashville, TN.

Don’t worry, I will still post to the Songs of My Heart blog every so often. 🙂