The Greatest Christmas Gift

And so He came. . . The Creator taking the form of His creation. . .Becoming one of us. . .Living among us. . . Experiencing our pain, joy, sorrow, despair. . .Relating face-to-face with us. . . Giving us His all. . . Becoming vulnerable to our wrath in order to demonstrate that He had no wrath toward us and that we’ve been forgiven long before He came.

Humbly He came, as a baby born in a lowly stable, to show us how to live, how to love, and how to have heaven in our hearts at all times.  He came to love us in all of our messes, then showed us a better and higher way to love ourselves and others.  His love is the transforming kind of love, the kind that makes you content in being just the way you are, and at same time encourages you to be much more than you thought you could ever be.

That’s what Christmas is all about to me, God becoming man to show me the truth about Himself and me.  Love coming to the beloved, telling me I am precious and valued beyond measure.  I have been touched by this love and have forever been changed.  This is why I celebrate Christmas.