The Secret Place

Halcomb GardenOver the years, and especially lately, people have commented how I don’t seem to have a button people can push, that I seem to take things in stride, don’t hold grudges and able to be friends with just about anyone.  Some have asked how I can do this.  The truthful answer is that I cannot do this alone.  I have friends for support.  But I think the deeper explanation is found in the secret place of my heart, where the Holy Spirit dwells.   This is my center of calm in the middle of a tornado, my anchor in the stormy sea.  This is where I come running to my Father as a scared and hurt little girl and go out again strong and able to handle things.

We all have this secret place.  Many go there and come out more closed and scared.  I want to tell you, that’s how my secret place used to be.  It was a lonely place, where I thought nobody could understand me or care enough about me.  I tried to handle things alone, to appear strong and together to the world.  But it didn’t work.  My whole world came crumbling down because I couldn’t hold it all together by myself.  In desperation I called out a name, the Name above all names, Jesus.  I admitted I was falling apart, that I was a failure, not worthy of His call.   He agreed with me.  Ha!  But then He said, “And I love you anyway.”   Came to find out, He’s always been there in this secret place.  I just never noticed, because I’d been taught that my heart was sinful and couldn’t be trusted, that I needed to be careful about voices there of the wrong spirits, so I shut out that still small voice of His, the very source of the strength and support I needed.  I have learned the truth since then, which is that I can trust what I hear in my heart, because that’s where He resides.


THE SECRET PLACE  (c) 1996  Sophie Doell

In my heart there is a place where none can harm me;

It’s a place that’s only known to You and me;

In this place, I find the strength to face each new Day;

For in this place is where Your Spirit came to stay.

In this secret place there is peace;

In this secret place there’s always hope;

In this secret place my fears and worries turn to confidence;

And I find joy in Your unfailing love.